L’elagain repeats as J/70 Italian National Champion

Riva del Garda, Sept. 11 – With the Eurocup organized by Fraglia Vela Riva, the Alcatel J/70 Cup has concluded today on Lake Garda recording five total events, 34 races and more than 60 teams representing nine Countries involved in the J/70 Italian Open National Championship. L’elagain (Solerio – Cassinari) has been crowned event and circuit leader. Thriving races and top sailors (among the others Paul Cayard and Francesco De Angelis) characterized the final act of the season-long series and also marked the finale for the ALPEN CUP.
Franco Solerio racing L’elagain, with Daniele Cassinari calling tactics led after the eight races and never got knocked off the top spot. As a result, the reigning National Champions were able to pull off an amazing repeat performance to be crowned J/70 Italian champions again. It was not an easy task as they were up against several very competitive teams who managed to get on the podium during the regatta—teams like Carlo Alberini’s Calvi Network with Paul Cayard as tactician and the European champion Claudia Rossi on Petite Terrible. On Friday and Saturday, the light gradient wind from South veered during the day, but also flicked back, which kept the tacticians on their toes. The wind speed rarely exceeded 16 knots but the shifting breeze was a real test of tactical awareness. For the third and final day, the fleet was treated to a North breeze about 14 to 16 knots and three solid races – two general recalls and a highly competitive start line were indicative of the competition within the fleet. Franco Solerio’s L’elagain closed out with a 3-2 to win the regatta with 13 points net. Petite Terrible Team with Claudia Rossi at the helm had a great day, finishing in second place posting a 1-1 scoreline and securing the silver. Taking the bronze was Carlo Alberini on Calvi Network. Rounding out the top five were Michele Galli’s B2 in fourth and José Marìa Torcida’s Spanish team on Noticia. Winning the Top Corithian title was Alessandro Zampori’s Magie Das Sailing Team.

ALCATEL J/70 CUP top 5 final results after 34 races

  1. L’elagain, Franco Solerio, ITA; 59 pnt
  2. Calvi Network, Carlo Alberini, ITA; 102 pnt
  3. Petite Terrible, Claudia Rossi, ITA; 142 pnt
  4. Magie Das Sailing Team, Alessandro Zampori, ITA; 150 pnt (1° Corinthian)
  5. Pensavo Peggio, Filippo Pacinotti-Beppe Zavanone, ITA; 159 pnt

Alpen Cup- Eurocup (2nd act)/ 5th leg ALCATEL J/70 CUP top 5 results

  1. L’elagain, Franco Solerio, ITA, 1-5-1-1-(21)-3-2-18; 31 pnt
  2. Petite Terrible, Claudia Rossi, ITA, 9-7-4-15-1-1-(20); 44 pnt
  3. Calvi Network, Carlo Alberini, ITA, 4-6-8-(15)-9-4-5-10; 46 pnt
  4. B2, Michele Galli, ITA, (20)-9-6-3-14-5-9-6; 52 pnt
  5. Noticia, Torcida José Marìa, ESP,3-10-7-4-18-11-12-9; 56 pnt

1 ° Corinthian: Magie Das Sailing Team, Alessandro Zampori, ITA, (29)-2-16-25-5-12-10-1; 71 pnt